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Play the Best and Most Trusted Mahjong Ways Gacor Slot

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Apart from that, the Mahjong Ways slot is proven to offer convenience for everyone, having the ability to play all game styles with just one account. In other areas, you can try playing lottery, slot machines and online casinos with one ID. We only list the most reliable mahjong wins with the fastest 24/7 protection. So join this trusted online gambling website now.

Easy Win Maxwin PG Soft Slot Online Features

The PG Soft situs mahjong gacor also has some interesting symbols. There are up to 9 basic symbols, each with a different multiplier value. Also, you will see scatter and wild symbols which help you arrange symbols to get multiple wins. In addition, you can also get multiplier symbols that can appear randomly on all reels in the basic game or in free spins.

Roll Tumble feature
This round can be activated when there is a winning combination of symbols and all winning symbols disappear from the screen. Then the empty positions will be filled with new symbols that fall from above. This reel continues until there are no repeat winning combinations. Any winnings will also be credited to the player’s balance while all Spin Drops have been completed.

Freespin Feature
When you get at least 4 scatter symbols, you can trigger the freespin feature. This feature is a favorite feature of every online slot gamer. At the start of the game, you are awarded a total of 15 free spins. When you click the multiplier icon, the multiplier value is added to the multiplier total. For those of you who want to immediately get free spins, you can take the spin buy feature worth 100x your total bet.

 Feature Support
Players also have betting options along with activating double bets or bet multipliers. There are two options namely a 25x bet multiplier which gives you a chance of free spins, and a higher SCATTER symbol. The 20x bet multiplier can give you the opportunity to spend lots of free spins for 100x your total bet.

Auto Spin feature
Mahjong Ways slot is recognized as the ultimate slot game and offers different advantages regarding these basic features. The spin feature is often recognized as a feature present in older versions. The final difference in this version is that this feature adds an extra spin. This feature can help your friends reduce their playing time during the game.

Latest Version Features
Of course, along with the development of the Mahjong Ways slot, the bonus round feature has also been developed in the updated version. In the last version you can win big if you successfully cause a prize box to appear on the slot screen for an instant tap. But this is the highlight of Mahjong Ways.

Double Chance Feature
This feature may have existed in the previous version of the slot, but there are slight changes to this feature in the Mahjong Ways slot. By activating the Double Chance feature, the winnings achieved are much bigger than the old feature. Execution.

Buy Freespin Feature
Some of you may be unfamiliar with this feature. Yes, that’s right, this feature has been developed for a long time through PG Soft play in previous slot games and has successfully attracted the interest of Slot Online fans. What’s new in the Mahjong Ways slot is a slight change to this feature, making it easier to unlock than before. Other differences include the bet amount which can be reduced several times and is very different from the others.

Payment Features
The split feature is a slot feature that is very different from before, which is why the Mahjong Ways slot is becoming increasingly popular among millennials. Equipped with these features, this game is very suitable to be played with friends or family. Thanks to the latest features of slot machines, you can easily combine different fragments from the results of previous games.